Viking Lost

by Derek Nelsen

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The Vikings want the village. The gods want the souls. Can Tor save his family before everything goes to Hel?

With one son preparing for marriage, the other about to have his soul ring painfully cut from his chest, things were finally looking up for Tor and his family. He was even thinking of ways to fix his own marriage with the boys’ stepmother. But when a weather-worn dragon ship washed into his hidden fjord with a half-dead Viking giant, a Christian slave girl, and members of Tor’s old crew, the life he’d made began to sink.

Do you miss Ragnar? Meet Tor, the Viking they won’t let retire.

Viking Lost is the first novel in the exciting Saga of Souls fantasy series. If you like Norse Mythology, soul-less Vikings, and want a glimpse of the underworld, grab this deal!

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends