Viken Command

by Grace Goodwin

Whitney Mason’s the daughter of a Wall Street con man, and she’s eager for a new life on a new world. Tested by the Interstellar Brides Program, she’s matched to a strong Viken warrior. But she doesn’t know that her mate and the other two warriors waiting to claim her are on a secret mission for the Coalition Fleet’s Intelligence Core. From the moment she arrives on Viken, they are forced to lie to her… about everything… except their desire.

For Alarr, Oran and Teig, the timing couldn’t be worse, but IC command is thrilled. A bride’s the perfect cover, giving the fighters access to every inch of the pleasure resort where they are working undercover. But their sexy mate’s past will come back to haunt them all, for even if they survive the mission, the truth will be revealed and their beautiful, curvy female can forgive anything—except lies.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure