Veronica Phoenix

by Jim Proctor

Carl Wilkins, a successful businessman, loses everything. His dogged determination crumbles when he finds even his reputation is ruined. With enough credits for a bottle of rotgut whiskey and no prospects for employment, he is at rock bottom when a stranger offers him an unusual job.

This is a chance to rebuild his broken life and to strike back at SACOM, the people who ruined him. With no other option, Carl bets his life on this job.

Piloting the Phoenix, a decrepit space freighter, Carl embarks on a mission to collect missing SACOM cargo pods from the asteroid belt. Struggling to remain alive in the belt while avoiding detection by SACOM ships, Carl learns he may have as much to fear from the people who hired him as he does from SACOM. His second chance turns into a desperate race across the galaxy in hopes of finding a haven where no one will ever find him.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure