Vermilion Dreams (Book One of a Vampire Fantasy Epic)

by M. U. Riyadad

Mirradalia is a world marred with darkness. The vampire queen rules from her throne of bone in a city with no sun, ghouls and werewolves scour the countryside for flesh every blue moon, and strange signs have begun appearing across the land, warning of the return of an ancient daemon that feasts on souls.

On the eve of Dina’s thirteenth birthday, her life spirals into chaos. Her dreams are stolen by a daemon that promises to return in four years and take much more from her, her younger sisters are kidnapped by a witch, and a strange creature begins to ravage her townspeople. With help from her friends and her grandmother, she must do what she can to keep her sisters alive and her people safe.

But Dina’s greatest challenge doesn’t come from vampires and witches, it comes from her own shortcomings. For years she has been using her wits and her quick hands to fool everyone into thinking her a talented alchemist, but in truth, she knows no magic. With only a silver tongue and a penchant for stretching the truth, Chaya’s princess and heir must navigate through a haunted forest, a circle of singing daemons, and the shadow of blood magic.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic