Varnoth: The Black Blade Book One

by Lavelle Jackson

What would you do if you awoke without memory, crucified, and on the brink of death?

Varnoth, a shadow panther, must struggle to survive in the cruel world of Albattara. He must use his natural-born skills in this fantasy LitRPG to explore the land, complete quests, conquer dungeons, craft potions, destroy terrifying monsters, and find answers to his questions:

Who is he?

Why was he crucified?

Dean Henegar (author of Limitless Lands series) – 5 Stars – “Varnoth is a fun new addition to the LitRPG genre. The main character is a unique race and class that hasn’t been done before…who doesn’t like cat people? This is an enjoyable read, looking forward to a sequel.”

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Category: Dark Fantasy