Vampire Magic 1: Taste

by D.S. Murphy

“Hunger Games meets Shade of Vampire.” YABookWorm

An arrogant vampire prince. A beautiful rebel who’s more than she seems. A love that could save the kingdom… or destroy it.

For most girls, the choosing is a privilege and an honor.
For me, it’s a dangerous curse.

When it’s my turn to be chosen – married off to the gorgeous prince Damien and whisked away to the royal palace – I discover my new home is a gilded cage, and the politics of the citadel are far more dangerous than the beasts that roam the wilderness or the burning embers that fall from the sky.

My new life turns into a nightmare, as I watch a corrupt king rule with an iron fist. I’ll have to fight to prove my place here, to protect a system I’m not even sure I believe in. All I want to do is save my mother, but I’ll need Damien’s help, and blood, to do it.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban