Urban Extinction: A New Adult Urban Fantasy (Shadow Eradicators Book 1)

by K.N. Lee and Calinda B.

It was supposed to be your average murder scene–sad and bandwidth bits of defunct human everywhere. But when a congressman’s healthy son is found drained, the NYPD has to call in its two most unlikely detectives: Egan Delaney and Livia.

The two women are no strangers to strange things, like their own abilities to summon dark fire, read minds, and see the future, but this particular murder investigation puts the topspin on strange and sends it over the net into totally bizarre and deadly.

Egan and Livia must face down a past that includes their own painful time as children in a mysterious freak ward, a cartel leader who deals in magical dope, and a blonde bombshell sorceress who likes to play with dead people.

When Egan’s powers begin to spin out of control and Livia’s visions turn menacing, the future will burn…and they might just burn with it.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban