Untold Deception

by William Staikos

People are like coal the pressure of pain, isolation, and death can crush them into dust or can form them into diamonds. This is the pressure that sixteen-year-old Salan must face. Salan is a mixed-race child, half-cat and half-human, and as such his society regards him as a dangerous Abomination. But it’s the execution of his own mother in the town square that sets Salan off to find the truth of his origins.

Salan barely escapes the chaos of his society falling into racially fueled revolutionary violence. While hiding from the law, Salan contemplates suicide due to the death of his mother, and struggles to move on. Later, Salan is conscripted into a militia and falls in love with another Abomination. As it turns out, rather than being the lowest of the low, Salan is worth more to his country than he knows…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic