Unstoppable Shadow

by Alex Mead

Grey eyes, from the old demon stories. An ability to slow time. A warmth that passes through him when he performs violent acts. Not to mention the Beast. Scab is no ordinary ten-year-old.

Veteran assassin, Silas wants a normal life. But the strange grey-eyed boy from the slums only sees him bound tighter to the Shadows. With his future entwined with the boy’s, death may be the only way out.

‘The action throughout the book was wonderfully written and described, vicious and creative.’ – Before We Go Blog review.

‘Fantastic read.’ ‘Truly griping.’ ‘Couldn’t put it down.’ – Amazon reviews.

‘This fast-paced novel may be just the book you are looking for.’ – Behind the pages review.

Previously $2.99

Category: Dark Fantasy