Universe in Flames (Dark Legacy) – Nemesis

by Christian Kallias

We thought defeating the Furies would bring peace to the Galaxy. We were wrong.

A year has passed since defeating the Furies. Members of the Alliance are settling into their new roles, but unexpected forces are about to shatter their sense of peace.

Former Admiral Chase Athanatos and the Earth Alliance have won the Fury War. But in doing so, Chase paid a terrible price. His wife, Sarah, was mortally wounded, so he heads out to the unknown region hoping to find a cure.

In the alternate dimension, Ares survived the destruction of Erevos. In his current quest to gather intel about the Spectres and their plans, he’s forced to consider an unlikely alliance with a Fury survivor—that is, if he ever hopes to return home.

Tar’Lock now serves aboard a mercenary ship under the leadership of Captain Talon Epizon, a man with demons and who despises the Earth Alliance. When they come in contact with an enemy spider ship, all hell breaks loose, and the ragtag crew of the Bellerophon must defy the odds if they wish to survive.

It appears the peace that came with defeating the Furies was short-lived. Now the universe is about to plunge into darkness once more. Are Chase and his friends ready for the Spectres? How can they defeat an enemy immensely more powerful than the mighty Furies?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera