by Anttimatti Pennanen

BOOK #2 – Black Table series

Go to Comic Con [check]
Find alien technology [check]
See the galaxy and make new friends [check]
Defeat the ancient evil and save the galaxy [check]

But who will save Jon and Gus?

After the blind jump, the crew of Unity find themselves lost in space with a broken Black Table, no map, and no allies. And if that’s not enough, they are being hunted by something lurking in the shadows.
With the Light as their guide and science fiction on their side, can Jon and Gus give us a fighting chance?


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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

The Catalyst

by Anttimatti Pennanen

BOOK #3 – Black Table series

In the final chapter of the Black Table trilogy, the crew of Unity find themselves stuck in the past, surrounded by Breathers and their devastating technology. With the brightest minds at their disposal, the crew comes face to face with the legend of an ancient weapon, the Catalyst. Is this mysterious artefact the answer to the fight against the Breathers, a way home, or something else?

How do they find it, and what would it cost them? Once again, Jon and Gus must pull every trick they have learned from science fiction lore to stay ahead of danger and restore balance to the galaxy.

On Azonia, the discovery of an ancient book with clues to Gus and Jon’s whereabouts sees Kentho and his family embark on a dangerous mission to find them. Can Kentho use what he had learned from his friends from Earth to save his family and reunite them with the duo?

Previously $5.90