United Earth 1: Rough Beginnings

by R.M. Almonte

Rough Beginnings is 1st tale of United Earth. A young boy who loses his mother. A junkie father whose only emotion is numbness. Guided by some outside force. Stevie must learn his true inner power. Driven to follow his dream, Stevie must go beyond the norms of everyday society. How do you learn to do something no one else has done?

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

United Earth 2: Exiled

by R.M. Almonte

How do you do something no one else has done before? Exiled is 2nd tale of United Earth. Stevie’s dreams come true but they come at a cost. When Stevie and his crew lose everything they work so hard for. Sometimes new chapters means burning away the old ones. Now exiled from Earth they must rebuild.

Previously $3.99