Under the Flickering Light

by Russ Linton

The year is 2300. The genetic super soldiers are no more – their wars long lost. A singularity rules the planet which knows no equal. Life is perfect. Efficient. Monitored. You can be anything, do anything…in the VR worlds of the Nexus.

For M@ti, that isn’t enough. She wants to tear it all down. She wants revenge.

An experiment from birth, M@ti sees the Manhattan Preserve differently than the tens of millions who inhabit the city. With her eyes to the stars instead of hidden behind VR gear, she uncovers their caretaker’s secret plans for galactic expansion.

But when a deadly hunter finds out she’s hacked the networks, M@ti’s forced to leave her quiet life behind. Can she cling to her humanity long enough to deliver the world from AI domination? Or will old wounds finally bring humanity to extinction?

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk