Under an Azure Sky – Elysia Dayne: Book 1

by Wil Chan

“There was a time when I thought that dragons were beautiful.”

So begins the epic fantasy tale of Elysia Dayne; hero, mercenary, dragon slayer. Anyway, that’s how the bards tell it.

Her next mission is to rescue a princess from a goblin fort. As they escape through a vast and perilous wilderness, little does she realise that her feelings of love and desire have returned in earnest. What will she give up to save her new love?

The first part of an epic journey of tragedy, loss, hope, and redemption, charting the human condition within the bounds of the ugly yet beautiful world of Gaia.

A multiple award-winning epic fantasy novel for free!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Shadows Under the Shade – Elysia Dayne: Book 2

by Wil Chan

“If you love somebody enough, you will do anything to claw your way back to them…”

After a traumatic duel to the death against a malevolent sword master, Elysia is left desperately clinging to life. Isabella, the princess that she was tasked to rescue, nurses her back to health before they begin the final leg of their journey to the Royal Palace in Astoria.

Elysia and Isabella’s bond deepens as the expedition continues, fraught with undiscovered peril. Embroiled in danger, can Elysia save the love of her life from the shadows under the shade?

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