Uncharted Stars

by Lea Carter

Jean Kearns never expected Ava Montgomery to walk onto his space station and back into his life. He knows he won’t get a second chance with her, because single dads don’t get happily-ever-afters. All he can think about is that he’ll never forgive himself if anything happens to Ava—again. He failed her once, but this time he’s determined to protect her.

Ava didn’t come to the Beyond for romance. Finding out that Jean is there only makes her mission more difficult. She’s there incognito to troubleshoot operations in the galactic corporation she’s just inherited. She’s confident in her abilities to resolve these issues—providing she doesn’t get distracted by the gorgeous second officer.

When Ava’s cover gets blown and Jean comes face to face with an old enemy there’s only one path for them to take. One they’ll have to walk together—or lose everything that really matters.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure