by C.J. Gagnon

Djansi is an outcast who spends his days dreaming of Nkaya—a world of magic he can never be part of. For Nkaya cannot be attained by the poor. Only the privileged can afford to have their magic unlocked … to become one of the Unbound.

Nsia is the quiet daughter of a once-powerful merchant family. But deep inside, a flame burns; Nsia knows she can be so much more—if she wasn’t saving Djansi’s life at every turn.

His fathers lost in an endless, uncharted forest. A strange power that threatens his very life. Ancient creatures thought long extinct, and the broken laws of the Unbound.

Together, Djansi and Nsia face a world that is larger and more deadly than they ever imagined.

Book One of the Unbound Trilogy. A coming of age dark fantasy novel of adventure, magic, and romance.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age