Two Moon Princess

by Carmen Ferreiro-Esteban

A Spanish Princess
An American Boy
A King set on revenge.
An unrequited love
and a disturbing family secret
bring a world to the brink of War.

I didn’t mean to cross the portal and bring John to my kingdom that night. I didn’t know the full moon was rising. How could I when the sky was all shades of black and the rain fell like buckets from above? Alas, John did come to my medieval world, and broke my heart when he fell for Rosa, my empty headed and beautiful sister, who, as it happens, was already engaged to Julian. Now Julian has declared war to our kingdom, and it’s up to me to stop him, if I want to save John from getting himself killed, pretending to be a knight. As if this was my fault. Yes, I brought John with me, but it was John who fell for the wrong sister, and Rosa who flirted with him. As for Julian, the arrogant king of Suavia, don’t you get me started about Julián!

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History