Twins’ Enchanted Adventures: The Long-Lost Sisters and the Friendship Pearl

by Aanya SN

How many oceans would you cross for family?

When Olivia meets Emily, a girl who lives beneath the waves, it’s almost like she is looking into a mirror!

In Emily’s world, an underwater city named Oceana, splashes of color paint the buildings, animals of all shapes and sizes roam freely, and even the Arista Merfolk Academy is fun to attend!

But no matter how stunning the city of Oceana is, the girls soon learn that even this bustling ocean world holds secrets that are waiting to be uncovered.

The Long-Lost Sisters and the Friendship Pearl is a mystery book with fantasy and suspense influences about two sisters who were separated when they were little. If you like books that involve magical relics, family, and solving mysteries, then you will love this book by author Aanya SN.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales