Twig of Thorn

by L. M. Hawke

Una doesn’t know what to expect when she receives a letter from her estranged grandmother, summoning her to the Irish village of Kylebeg to claim “a great inheritance.” But the old stone cottage can’t be the sum total of the estate…can it? With a property entanglement on her hands, Una must remain in the old-fashioned village until she can sell her late Gran’s home.

But Kylebeg is home to a secret Una never imagined was possible. The village isn’t just old-fashioned—it’s downright ancient. Its citizens still keep the old ways, observing the cycles of nature and communing with forces beyond the veil: The Fair Folk, a race of supernatural beings whose rumored presence in Kylebeg seems disconcertingly close.

As the world around her turns more mystical—and more dangerous—Una wonders whether it’s truly Kylebeg that holds a Fae secret, or whether it’s the blood flowing in her own veins.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends