by T. L. Payne

In an instant, everything stops. No lights. No phones. No transportation.

When an EMP attack wipe out the nation’s power grid and communications, college freshmen, Maddie Langston, is forced to run for her life. Stranded in a Chicago airport when the lights go out, Maddie and Emma are in a race against time.

According to her father, she doesn’t have long before the city descends into chaos. She must leave the airport before it is too late.

Although she knows she must flee the Windy City, Maddie’s first battle is to overcome her fear of the violence she knows is coming. She’s a fighter; she just doesn’t know it yet.

The perilous journey out of the city becomes even more difficult when Maddie takes responsibility for an orphaned ten-year-old girl. Together, as chaos fills the streets, they must fight to survive in a Turbulent new world.

Would you have what it takes to survive?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


by T. L. Payne

A new threat emerges from an unexpected source.

Lives hang in the balance.

As Maddie, Zack, and their team race against time to fortify their haven, the wider community is thrown into chaos. In this new world, stripped of law and order, the mysterious disappearance of a young girl sends shockwaves. But as they wade through treachery and bloodshed, Maddie discovers that evil wears many faces.

Trust is a luxury they can’t afford.

When past foes resurface near their hideout, a choice looms large—hunker down in anticipation or confront the lurking danger head-on.

Haunted by overwhelming grief and remorse, Maddie strives to persevere and adapt. But as the body count rises, can she shoulder the weight of such loss?

As Beth journeys to reunite with Maddie and Zack, her path takes a sinister detour. Yet, not even the most deviant group can deter her from her ultimate goal: safeguarding her

Previously $4.99