Truth & Glory

by K.N. Lee

For Nala, the forgotten gods are more than a memory. They are her ancestors.

After escaping the great purge of magic as a child, her new reality is almost worse than death. Along with the young man who saved her life, Nala must walk the Warrior’s Path and prove herself to the Great Fenrir clan who took her in as a child. Brutal training fills her days, while her nights are spent controlling the magic within and hiding it from those who fear and hate it. In a clan of an ancient race of wolves, Nala will do anything to escape the watchful eye of those who killed her people.

There is one way to prove herself to the king of her new clan.
She must become a magic eradicator, and hunt the last of her race.

In this sprawling epic fantasy novel with shifting wolf hybrids and mermaids, Nala’s first battle is for more than her life and love. It’s for her soul. Join New York Times bestselling author, K.N. Lee on an adventure perfect for fans of Vikings and Game of Thrones.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic