Troop of Shadows

by Nicki Huntsman Smith

It may be preferable to to die of the plaque than to face those ‘others’ who survive it….

A catastrophic pandemic ravages the globe, reducing the human population to extinction levels.

A doomsday prepper, a brilliant scientist, a journal-keeping poet, and an arrogant bookworm, are among those who survive the disease that annihilated almost everyone else on the planet.

Not dying was the easy part.

Now, a year later, they navigate a bleak world…one without technology, without modern medicine, and without law and order. They must unify their diverse strengths not only to rebuild civilization, but to battle those who would use brutality to forge empires.

The plague cleansed the world of mediocrity. The survivors possess the intellect and vision to save humankind. Or thrust it into oblivion.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic