Trial of Thorns

by Stacey Trombley

All that’s standing between me and freedom are eleven bloodthirsty fae.

As a convicted assassin, I’ve been banished from the fae realm for years but now I have the opportunity to compete in a ruthless competition to earn a full pardon.

Dragons and twisted mazes are the least of my worries now.

I can handle a few bullies and death-defying challenges. The thing that will keep me up at night is having to face those I betrayed. Especially Reveln, the prince whose brother I killed. Every time I see the hatred in his eyes it reopens old wounds, a reminder of the destiny that was stolen from me. And I only have myself to blame.

But I’ll find a new destiny—by winning the Trial of Thorns.

The whole realm thinks I’m weak but I’m stronger than they could ever imagine. By the time this is through—I’ll bring them all to their knees

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban