by Lois Jean

Hilda Odinsdottir is a warrior in the most renowned mercenary company in Askrheimand Grandiosa – the Sons of Loki. She is fierce, she is resourceful, she is driven by vengeance, and she is a galdramancer.
As a contract of the Sons goes awry, and her commander is lethally wounded, Hilda reveals her ability to tap into the power of the runes to produce effects beyond imagination: She can mend grievous wounds, enhance physical strength and other gifts of the Aesir. Her knowledge came at a price, however, as she is haunted by the destruction of her clan and the death of her father.
When the Sons of Loki are offered another contract, Hilda, together with the company, must sail across the ocean back to her homeland, to Askrheim, to quell an uprising from the jarls of the land. Though the time of the Sons of Loki is close to an end, Hilda’s quest for vengeance is just beginning.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends