by Zen DiPietro

Emé isn’t who she thinks she is.

She can’t prove it because she doesn’t remember her past, but she’s certain she’s not the person people tell her she is. Some of what they say is right, while other details could not be more wrong.

In the process of figuring out who she really is, she falls down a rabbit hole of conspiracy and espionage that will light her entire galaxy on fire.

Meanwhile, she has a wife she doesn’t know, and someone from her unknown past will make her question who she truly cares for.

The situation threatens to tear her apart, even as she fights to keep the Planetary Alliance Cooperative together.

She’s determined to do it, though. Somewhere within her is the key.

If you enjoy intrigue, adventure, action, humor, and complex characters you’ll love rooting for, begin this series out today. It’s like Star Trek meets Total Recall.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire


by Zen DiPietro

What’s a team of black ops officers to do when their own government is coming after them?

They back each other up and get ready for the fight of their lives.

The members of Avian Unit will give everything they have for one another–and to save the Planetary Alliance Cooperative.

They might even be crazy enough to make it happen.

Fallon and her team need answers. Not only about what happened to Fallon, but also what’s gone wrong with the PAC. If getting those answers means launching an attack on the very government they’re fighting for, then so be it. Storming the PAC base on Earth will certainly be a unique challenge. But then, Avian Unit specializes in tackling the toughest cases.

Can they outmaneuver the very people who trained them? Any mistakes will cost them their lives, and any chance of saving the alliance. Can one tiny rebellion keep the PAC from splintering?

Previously $4.99