Traitor Blade

by Richard Crawford

Dark forces are at work in the kingdom of Valderon. When a sickly prince leaves the succession in doubt, unrest spreads through the land and ambitious men gather ready to take advantage of any weakness.

Edouard has one desire. He wants to be a knight to fight and serve, though fighting is his natural forte. Despite his father’s words of caution, Edouard is certain he understands his place in the game. He thinks the difference between right and wrong is simple, but the line is harder to see and easier to cross than he can know.

When her husband is murdered, Mariette must fight to protect her children and their birthright. Thrust into intrigue, and the politics of the court and the bedroom, she chooses to play a dangerous game.

Circumstance make Edouard and Mariette unlikely allies, but with the stakes so high betrayal is always close and soon hearts and more are at risk.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic