Tracking the Trailblazer

by John Thornton

Book 1 of the Colony Ship Trailblazer series!

Janae and Ken are part of the remnant of humanity which lives in Dome 17, surrounded by the radioactive, toxic wasteland of a dead Earth. The leadership of the dome has sent out adventurers to explore, but all they have found are failed domes, and deadly ruins. Only Dome 17 survives, but now, Dome 17 is facing its own failure.

A risky plan is formed to try to find the seven lost generational colony ships, already in flight, but missing for a century. Those ships had biomes filled with the flora, fauna, and people who would live all their lives inside those ships. Nothing is known about the condition of those huge ships, but they might offer a possible way to save the people of Dome 17.

The ENTIRE eight-book series has been professionally narrated as AUDIO BOOKS!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure