Towers: Philadelphia Triptych Book Two

by Isla Molina

An abrupt twist. An abducted friend. A new quest.

In the year 2083, seven city-states have consolidated power over a resource-poor world through the deployment of the nanotech surveillance cloud Chroma. In Philadelphia, even as she researches the inner workings of the Sainz family’s power, gutsy, solitary Dez Lightfoot is launched into their infighting.

But when her best friend disappears, Dez plunges headlong in dangerous pursuit. From the pristine world of the Towers to the blazing deserts of the Middle East and the brewing war with the Family of Njed, Dez must learn to rely on her brains and her courage.

The perilous quest is aided by a mysterious foreigner and watched over by the quirky Mystic.

Together, the unlikely team may prove unstoppable.

A gripping mystery, rolled into a fast-paced thriller, set in a very real, gritty future.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk