Touch of Iron

by Timandra Whitecastle

A magic sword. A fated quest. When the world is on the brink, one woman dares to defy destiny…

Is the Living Blade real or just a legend?

With it… Prince Bashan could win back his kingdom.

Master Telen Diaz can free himself of the burden from his past.

Owen Smith sees a once-in-a-lifetime chance to gain untold knowledge.

… but for Noraya Smith, the Living Blade will bring nothing but suffering and sorrow.

“Realistic, character-driven fantasy that manages to both sever limbs and warm the heart.” – Kirkus Reviews

Previously $4.99

Category: Dark Fantasy

On the Wheel

by Timandra Whitecastle

A magic sword. A fated quest. When the whole world is broken, one woman dares to defy destiny…

Nora can’t help but be skeptical of prophecy. She wouldn’t mind that the Living Blade is fated to upset the old-world order, but that doesn’t mean she thinks a sword or its wielder could pull that off…

Her twin brother, Owen, has the faith his sister lacks. But when he risks everything to keep the prophecy in line, the secrets he’s kept from his twin bubble to the surface. Secrets that could plunge them all into madness and ruin…

To save her brother and free the world from the cruel machinations of the Prophetess, Nora must trust Owen knows what he’s doing, and find the courage to accept the part he intends her to play in fixing the world. Even if doing so could get her killed…

Previously $5.99