Toren: Shattered Souls

by Lola Stvil

Summit Case has no idea why her parents gave her up, or why her eyes are purple and change with her mood. The only thing she knows is that she is destined to be on the outside looking in. When The most popular guy in school asks her out on a date on her fifteenth birthday, she is ecstatic. Things take a sinister turn when he attacks her stabbing her in the neck.

A breathtaking angel with remarkable powers, swoops down and saves her. That’s when she learns the truth. Demons are seeking her out to strip her of her own emerging powers. In addition, by saving her, Lucas awakens a new evil bent on the destroying all of angel & humanity. Summit isn’t just an orphan and wasn’t abandoned by chance, she comes from great and powerful line female Angels. But while she has their purple eyes, does she have their courage? And now that she finally has a family, will she be strong enough to hold on to it?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban