Tooth and Blade

by Shad Callister

A band of young mercenaries steps ashore in a new land, eager for gold and glory. But Ostora is a place of terrible danger and hidden rivalries, where their old-world tactics quickly break down in the face of titanic monsters, savage men, and untamed wilderness.

The two co-captains of the Tooth and Blade company, Damicos and Pelekarr, are in over their heads. What good is a promise of pay if no one is left alive to collect it?

Their only hope lies in the last place they expected to find it: the skill and knowledge of a beautiful but vicious shaman of the White River clan who agrees to guide the fighting men in their desperate campaign.

Will she bring them victory, or lead them into new conflicts they didn’t even see coming?

Book 1 of the Tooth and Blade series includes a full appendix with battle maps, troop rosters, a bestiary, and more.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery