Too Good To Be True

by M T McGuire

Humorous dystopian science fiction fantasy adventure.

When trouble comes knocking, meet the one man dumb enough to answer the door …

The Pan of Hamgee encounters some mudlarkers trying to land a box on the banks of the River Dang and he is happy to help. Having accepted a share of the contents as a reward he cannot believe his luck. It contains one of the most expensive delicacies available in Kā€™Barth; Goojan spiced sausage. If he can sell it, the sausage might spell the end of his troubles. On the other hand, knowing his luck, it could bring a whole load more.

Written in British English so the letter u may pop up more often than some readers are used to.
Suitable for anyone who was OK with the scary bits in the Harry Potter books.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian