Tomorrow’s Heritage

by Juanita Coulson


A world in peril…

When the first alien was approaching Earth, it found itself in the grip of the all-powerful Saunder Family. Every member of this dynasty seemed at war with the other.

In the quest for the Chairmanship of the people, the Saunders must struggle and fight in a contest over Earth’s very future. Project Search is in action, while brave pilots take to the stars.

Can human civilization survive with the coming of alien life, and can the Saunders find a way to listen to one another and lead humanity to that survival?

Find out in Tomorrow’s Heritage, a vivid science fiction tale – at once a large political canvas and an intimate, attention-grabbing story of like-minded people. It is the first book in the Children of the Stars series.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire


Outward Bound

by Juanita Coulson

Brenna Foix Saunder is the Martian-reared daughter of Earth’s dynastic Saunder family.

Fiercely ambitious, beautiful and determined, she puts an untried and dangerous experimental star drive above her own life.

Brenna must seek refuge in the arms of her lover Derek, a man of immense charm, but trouble brews when he tries to stand in the way of her dreams. Can they maintain a truce or will politics infect their relationship in ways even they cannot begin to imagine?

To reach the stars by passing long years in frozen sleep is the only safe and sure way to complete her star drive mission. But Brenna Saunder can’t wait. She meant to conquer the light barrier.

They are outward bound, challenging the stars and fighting battles against one another.

Previously $3.99

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