Tomorrow’s Demise: The Extinction Campaign

by Christian Warren Freed

Aliens. Monsters. Bounty Hunters. Space Armies. One lone man stolen from Earth. Buckle up, buttercup. This is one helluva ride.

The Wastelands of Helscape hold a terrible secret. Genetically created monsters ravage the scattering of villages. Bounty hunters, glory seekers, and a group of men and women known as Slayers hunt them at will, but theirs is a losing battle. The Galactic Imperium has finally taken notice and prepares to deploy their best division to subdue the monsters and establish a forward base for their interstellar war. The odds are stacked against them. Ask any soldier and they can tell you, no plan survives first contact.
Tomorrow’s Demise: The Extinction Campaign is the first of two novels set on the forgotten world of Helscape and an action tour de force you don’t want to miss.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military