Tomb of Thieves: A Twisted Dungeon Crawler Novella

by Gonzalo Rohmer Zamm

A hard-boiled dungeon explorer. A duplicitous wizard. A tomb full of treasure, horror, and death.

Havvar Sunder hates magic as much as he hates hidden traps. Now he will have to face both and more if he wants to retire.

He knew he could not trust the wizard. But it was he who held the key to enter the wretched tomb, the icing on the cake of a life plundering monster-infested dungeons to enjoy a retreat worthy of a king.

“It’s the tomb of Sunandi Adhar,” his friend Yadis said, lowering his voice to a whisper. “The last tomb of the first kings, the one that has confounded explorers for centuries…”

Can Havvar find the treasure vault and make it alive filthy rich, and unscathed?

If you like devilish dungeons, maddening puzzles, undead characters, and chilling traps, then you will love Gonzalo Rohmer Zamm’s thrill ride.

Read Tomb of Thieves to plunder King’s Adhar treasure vault today!

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories