To Be Heard

by Dan Luxembourg

After years in captivity, Oriya is set free. She joins Ori and Bar, who have rescued her from the nightmare she has lived in for decades. In the cruel world that awaits her outside, her past is covered and unknown.
Ori leads her along this path, this is his role. He knows that he must bring her to her destination, to the end of her path, to restore her voice and allow her to be heard.
Few know what has happened to the world. It is violent and cruel, but also full of beauty, resources, and food. The world is filled with strangers; groups of people who rule the land, torturing and killing anyone who gets in their way, ridding the world of anyone who is not a stranger like them.
The more progress Oriya makes on her journey, the harsher the encounters with the strangers become. Every confrontation helps her take one more crucial step towards the end, the truth, but will her truth be he

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian