Time Seer

by Cassia Meare

Gaius Drusus, Prince of Cael, has always disappointed his mother. He was meant to be the savior of the worlds, and instead turned out a weak little boy.
Wars may be coming, and the Dowager Empress sends her son through a wormhole into exile, so that her lover can rule.
Except that Gaius makes use of his considerable intelligence to return as a strong young man and claim his throne: now everyone believes him to be the Promised One.
Everyone except Captain Valeria Tylia.
For when she travels to Cael to tell the emperor about her own glimpses into a dire future, Gaius doesn’t care if their worlds go up in smoke. And Valeria can’t let that happen.
Her decision to kidnap the emperor and take him to a derelict Earth throws them into a path of adventure and as they race to put a mega weapon together — and Valeria begins to understand that Gaius may just be the key to mankind’s salvation.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel