Time of Death

by Nathan Van Coops


Private detective Greyson Travers has a secret, but he isn’t the only one.

When a stunning widow asks him to investigate the suicide of her husband, Greyson plans for an easy resolution.
But a quick look into the past gets dangerous for his future. He isn’t the only one interested in the case, and the longer he’s involved, the more victims turn up dead.

Greyson can travel through time. It makes him the best sleuth in the city. But every advantage comes at a cost. Under pressure from a powerful mob kingpin and an agency governing time, his investigation will take him deep into the underworld.

The clock is ticking, and Greyson might be too late to discover the truth.
Sometimes the past is better left for dead.

If you love treacherous twists and mind-bending murder mysteries, jump into this page-turner where time is never on your side.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Electric Midnight

by Nathan Van Coops

Do Androids Die With Their Secrets?

Loner detective Greyson Travers just found his latest client dead on the sidewalk. Left with only a cryptic coin and a victim no one knows, it’s a case he doesn’t want.

When a corporation producing androids offers to fund his investigation, Greyson smells a setup, but a girl with a mysterious past may hold clues to the truth.

Dangerous people move in the shadows of this city, and now Greyson is in their sights. But with a fast car and his sarcastic AI riding shotgun, he’s betting he can hunt down the killer before his time is up.

Strap in for another page-turning mystery in the Paradox PI series, with twisting time travel, unforgettable characters, and a wise-cracking detective who never quits.

Solve this mystery from the future today.

Previously $4.99