Time Is Irreverent 3: Gone for 16 Seconds

by Marty Essen

Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon are back for another irreverent, liberal, twisty, time travel comedy!

In this episode, our snarky heroes embark on a time travel vacation that will hurl them into an enlightening adventure that spans from 3000 BC to AD 10,000. They’ll discover the truth behind Noah’s Ark, encounter the Cult of the Holy Smokin’ Hot Nellie, pilfer a bass from a young Geddy Lee, and be taken prisoner by people in the future with just one demand: Kill Ronald Reagan!

Gone for 16 Seconds is the third book in the Time Is Irreverent series, and it is recommended for readers who like to laugh and prefer the liberal, social commentary side of science fiction. Each novel is a stand-alone adventure, and a humorous prologue quickly gets readers up-to-date.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel