Time Is Irreverent 2: Jesus Christ, Not Again!

by Marty Essen

Marty Mann and Nellie Dixon are back for another irreverent, liberal, twisty, time-travel comedy! Now they have Jesus Christ, the actual guy, on their side.

This thought-provoking satire answers the question, “What would happen if Jesus time traveled to 2020 America?” Would the Soldiers of the White Jesus and other far-right groups accept a profanity-loving, gun-hating, brown-skinned Jesus who preached in favor of liberal values? Find out in this hilarious Amazon #1 Best-Seller.

Jesus Christ, Not Again! is the second book in the Time Is Irreverent series, and it is recommended for readers who like to laugh and prefer the liberal, social commentary side of science fiction. Each novel is a stand-alone adventure, and a humorous prologue quickly gets readers up-to-date.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel