by Tom Julian

Some want war. Some want peace. He just wants the damn spider out of his head!

For a hundred years, we destroyed every alien species humanity encountered… until we met the Arnock – psychic spiders that drove us insane on contact.

Massive losses. Hundreds of thousands dead. There was only one survivor from that war…

Meet Timberwolf Velez. He’s a very damaged man.

A natural born killer on the edge of madness… and he’s fighting an alien presence in his mind. It forces him to stay alive… and sometimes do its bidding.

Without a war, forces maneuver for power. A disgraced former general searches for the ultimate power to wipe out the Arnock and restart our march across the galaxy.

Called back in to service, Timberwolf has to choose between his inner demons and stopping his old mentor from unleashing a monstrous bio-weapon on the galaxy.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military