Tilly Greenway and the Secrets of the Ancient Keys, Book One, Watchers

by Essi Tolling

Tilly Greenway and her stepbrother Zack discover that a sinister shadow-government called HORUS and their creepy alien allies, The Others, are planning a horrifying fate for mankind. Only the Guardians can stop HORUS. But who are the Guardians? Why do they need Tilly and Zack? And what are the Me keys?

In a world of fake news, phony flood threats and the constant threat of terror alerts, Tilly and Zack discover that aliens are complicated, that magic still exists and that dragons are real and are on their side.

As they work with the Guardians, HORUS is hot on their heels. Headed by the calculating Director of Terror who uses her department of psychic spies to track Tilly and Zack’s every move, the result is uncertain and leads to a nail-biting finale.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure