by Joshua James

FLASH GORDON MEETS THE DIRTY DOZEN. It’s a ruthless universe out there, with humanity reigning supreme, treating alien lives as mere collateral in their unending quest for dominion. Yet, amidst this injustice, a band of alien warriors rise against the odds. They’re not just soldiers; they’re Thunderstrike. Once enslaved, these alien fighters have earned their freedom by shedding blood for Earth, serving in a military that values them less than the humans they protect. Their grit and valor have carved out a reputation that precedes them across the galaxy. But now, they find themselves wrongfully accused, their honor at stake. On the run, these warriors must do what no one else dares. They must navigate a universe that seeks their downfall, to bring the real culprits to justice and restore their tarnished honor.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion