Through Glass Darkly – Book 1 in the Glass Darkly Diesel-punk series

by Peter Knyte

A powerful thunderstorm rages over New York City sending its citizens dashing through the torrential rain..

Between the lightning flashes a strange craft of huge proportions suddenly appears, a metallic airship bristling with weapons. But the ship is clearly damaged, with large holes in its sides through which twisted metalwork protrudes, and countless shattered windows that reveal a dark and lifeless interior.

However, despite the appearance of this great vessel, the captain and some of the crew cling to life, but this is not the city or the world they left, dispatched on a desperate mission to stop an enemy of unimaginable ferocity.

Where has this ship sailed from, and how can her captain and crew find their way home, when the craft which has been their home now lies in ruins, and when the enemy that has nearly destroyed them appears to have followed them to this new world?

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk