Three Dwarven Maidens and One Drunken Swordsman

by Merick N. H. Ulrik

Gunner Banaburer, a sword for hire and a tired veteran of The Great War has a debt of honor to repay. A mythical badass with a greatsword, he has his own inner demons and a dark secret. While three beautiful young daughters of the famed dwarven general, “Groodmaer” are to be smuggled back to a dwarven stronghold under The Belshar Mountains to be married for a dowry of a king’s ransom… But these dwarven females are no angels! All three with secrets and scandals. Little do they know very powerful forces seek their ruin. Adraile a powerful elvish lord with vengeance in his heart for the seed of Groodmaer. Grimgar the defiler, the champion of the Orcians, is sent to end Groodmaer and his daughters. And Malek the half orc and his men plan to cash in on the dwarven booty. Not to mention the beautiful, young, elf Aerin who is perplexed with her unconsummated new marriage.

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Category: Dark Fantasy