Thralls of the Fairie and Other Tales

by Craig Comer

Eleven stories of magic, grit, and honor, including three award winners. For fans of Robert E. Howard’s Conan and David Eddings’ Sparhawk.

TALES OF LOST LANDS – To reclaim the heart of her god, Mior bargains with mages and delves deep into a cult’s temple. Caita Halftallow finds strength amongst the herd, the better to crush her enemies, while Jaelyn’s song lends her the strength to slay fiends.

TALES OF KUTHAHAAR – In Kuthahaar, the Sultan lords over imprisoned oracles, wraith-like assassins, and underground rivers filled with the dead. For Saja and Akil, uncovering these mysteries will seal their fates, whether they wish it or not. For Rajheb, it is enough to wander the city, and remember what was.

TALES OF BALDAIRN MOTTE – As armies march and lords grasp for an empty throne, the villagers of Burn Gate are caught between protecting their families and defending their lands.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery