Theoclea (The Delphic Oracle) in Eleusis and Atlantis

by PanOrpheus

We first meet Theoclea as a child and experience her first vision of the future. The book moves on to a time when she has become the Oracle of Delphi and gives the speech of a lifetime to a huge crowd before the Mysteries of Eleusis begin. The second part moves on as Theoclea is captured and has to deal with an attack on the Temple of Delphi by descendants of the Atlanteans. Later, Theoclea and her friends, her teacher, Pythagoras, Vorios, the Magician, Morain, her counselor, and Panelle, her Guardian ‘see’ Atlantis, experiencing a series of joint visions. In the end, we ‘know’ and ‘see’ Atlantis as well.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History