Theoclea (The Delphic Oracle) and Pythagoras in Eleusis and Atlantis

by PanOrpheus

The characters of Theoclea (who represents ‘seeing’ as in visions, spirituality) and Pythagoras (who represents ‘knowing’ as in scientific/historical speculation) join in this fantasy historical adventure. Readers are led back in time to meet Theoclea as a child, as she experiences her first vision of the future. The book moves on to a time when she has become The Delphic Oracle and gives the speech of a lifetime to a huge crowd before the Mysteries of Eleusis begin. The second part of the book moves on as Theoclea and her friends, her teacher, Pythagoras; Vorios the Magician; Morain, her Counselor, and Panelle, her Guardian/Protector ‘see’ Atlantis in a joint vision of the past. In the end, the reader ‘knows’ and ‘sees’ Atlantis as well. An exploration into why Atlantis is important for us in the modern day world.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical