Theoclea (The Delphic Oracle) and Pythagoras in Egypt

by PanOrpheus

Mysteries abound in this thrilling story of the meeting of the Occult and Science in Ancient times. Set in a fictional Ancient Greece and Egypt, this book presents an ‘alternate history’ ca. 500 B.C. The most famous Delphic Oracle of all time and her consort the great Mathematician/Scientist Pythagoras leave a memorable mark on the science and philosophy of an alternate history. The book is filled with magic, and mystery, as Theoclea, the Oracle, Pythagoras, and others travel from the Temple of Delphi to the Pyramids and Cairo. While the others prepare to search for a rare book, Theoclea gives the speech of a lifetime, speaking from a platform between the paws of the Sphinx! Poetry and intense descriptive passages make you feel as if you are there!

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History