The Zombie Apocalypse Call Center

by Taylor A Ellwood

Sam thinks his job at the Zombie Apocalypse Call Center is a joke.

Zombies aren’t real and the customers who call in for support about their guns and conspiracy theories are crazy!

Sam knows the zombie apocalypse will never happen.

Until the day it does happen…

Now Sam is juggling potential romances with two of his co-workers, Michelle and Ember. His manager is micro-managing him about his call stats and customer happiness, and he has to defend the call center from invading zombies.

Sam and his fellow analysts need to keep their customers alive and well-stocked with ammo, while also surviving the hordes of zombies attacking the call center.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Secret Missions of the Zombie Apocalypse Call Center

by Taylor Ellwood

Michelle has a secret…

She’s a spy for the U.S. military and she’s been assigned the mission of shutting down Zombii Co.

To complete her mission, Michelle has infiltrated the inner circle of one of the zombie apocalypse call center’s most feared micro-managers, Monica.

Now she’s running secret missions for Monica, helping her uncover the origins of the Zombii Spray and other secret zombie technology that Zombii Co is unleashing on the world to cause the zombie apocalypse.

But Monica isn’t interested in curing the zombie virus.

She wants to sell it to a rival company, so they can weaponize it.

If Michelle doesn’t stop her psychotic micro-manager, the zombie apocalypse may never end.

Previously $4.99